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Marketing Services | Sales Representation | Consulting

Marketing Services | Sales Representation | Consulting

We focus on the following key specialization to drive success through HOTEL SALES REPRESENTATION AND HOTEL CONSULTING. We empower the independent owner and operator to compete with the nationwide & worldwide chains. We provide service designed to meet individual brand needs to increase financial return- the option to completely outsource their sales and marketing function or acts as an extension to a hotel's in-house sales team to increase SALES from Mumbai & Pune market that primarily contributes approx. 12 – 17 % to all respective hotels & resorts across the country.

We also provide hoteliers partner with business operating office space, mailing address and instant regional reservation services from MUMBAI head office. We work with luxury, up-scale, mid-market & budgeted hotels, business hotels, boutique hotels, resorts, palaces, heritage property & destinations. A hotel can employ ROOHI to

  • Supplement its efforts in one market
  • Complement its in-house skills in a specific area

Our local representative present in Mumbai and Pune and our in-depth market knowledge promotes and facilitate our partner’s business. We’re a local extension of your sales and marketing team, more affordable than full company.

To discuss working with ROOHI Hotels in the strictest confidence, please contact Rahul Verma.
Tel: +91 92233 89189 | Email: Rahul Verma