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ROOHI’s marketing team is made up of qualified marketing professionals with experience of working in the hotel industry and other luxury markets.
The ROOHI marketing team is proficient in both creating and delivering marketing strategy, timely and efficiently.
ROOHI ensures best practice throughout. The team’s creative approach will result in integrated marketing activities that are highly targeted.
When fully outsourcing sales and marketing to ROOHI, the marketing team will not only create a strategy but also deliver it.

The types of projects that ROOHI can assist with include:

  • Delivering direct mail campaigns
  • Managing advertising including scheduling and delivery
  • Developing promotional literature such as brochures and flyers
  • Commissioning and managing photo shoots
  • Acting as brand guardians
  • Ensuring consistent application of the brand identity

ROOHI marketing team is also experts in digital marketing.
The ROOHI team is made up of experts in the field of Corporate & Leisure Travel. With significant sector experience, our team is perfectly placed to reinvigorate a hotel’s marketing strategy.

At the strategic level, the ROOHI team would be involved in sales and marketing to ensure best results-

  • Conducting a full marketing audit
  • Carrying out comprehensive competitor studies
  • Commissioning market research
  • Preparing detailed marketing plans and budgets 
  • Developing and managing brand strategy
  • Managing pricing strategies – working with an in-house Revenue Manager
  • Creating distribution and promotion strategies
  • Managing online marketing strategies

To discuss working with ROOHI Hotels in the strictest confidence, please contact Rahul Verma.
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