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It's All in The Name

Revenue Optimisation Opportunity for Hospitality Industry

ROOHI! The soul! An essence of life where the purest and the most memorable instincts lie. ROOHI is created for the enhancement and growth of the wealth and revenues while walking hand in hand with the independent owners and operators by enhancing the sales.
"We live by relationships with support from consulting, marketing and sales"

Our Emblem: Best Marketing, Sales and Consulting through strong brand presence.

Our Philosophy: Devoting to people, knowledge and technology to grow as a better hoteliers partner.

Our Mission: Creating opportunities and enhancing financial returns by optimizing the revenues, profit and brand awareness through Marketing, Sales and Consulting. .

Our Vision: Leading the Hotel Marketing and Sales Convergence Revolution by creating India’s largest network of Independent hotels.

Our Beliefs: We are dynamic, passionate, dedicated, humble, focused, result-oriented team who believe in ethical practice for a mutually beneficial business relationship. .

To discuss working with ROOHI Hotels in the strictest confidence, please contact Rahul Verma.
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