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Hotel brand names can be a big part of the marketing of any type of hospitality ventures and act as a catalyst in pricing strategy and help to achieve SALES & REVENUE GOALS. A brand helps provide an identity and a sense of consistency. The process continues with the creation of brand differentiation and culminates with the establishment of a clear brand communication platform that moves the consumer from understanding to purchasing.

Creation of a brand is something ROOHI can provide to investors and owners in phases:

  • Brand naming, position, differentiation, research
  • Brand architecture, creative, graphics & design (Print Media & Stationaries)
  • Brand launch plans and marketing strategies

Phase 1:

  • Review of competitive brand environment, current and future
  • Conclusion of the proposed brand’s competitive set
  • Proposed brand positioning
  • Audit of target customer profile, mindset, purchase patterns and demographics

Phase 2:

  • Brand Vision statement
  • Brand Mission statement
  • Brand pillars
  • Brand points of difference
  • Brand name, logo, promise, tag line and mantra

Phase 3:

  • Brand Design Guidelines/Technical Standards Manuals to ensure expansion
  • Development Road map location recommendations which will enable both pure hotel management contracts
  • Brand Manual preparation including Operations/HR/Finance/Sales/Marketing/PR /Revenue Management
  • Pre-opening processes
  • Brand job profiles
  • Brand training programs
  • Full Brand Identity Manual

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