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Hotel Management Outsourcing Consultancy


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ROOHI provides hotel management outsourcing services for a new breed of hoteliers. Its challenging to stay up to date with the complexity of the market environment. New travel marketing websites are being launched continuously. You cannot afford to be left behind. There is no need to pay such incredibly high franchise & management fees to large hotel chains.

ROOHI is a unique hotel marketing & consulting company which offers to bring a business partner on board, affordably. Instead of putting a costly flag on your roof, they leverage the unique selling points of your hotel property. We believe in the strength of an independent hotel and offer you the infrastructure to outperform your competition and become a market leader. With our smart consultancy & options, you can rest assured that they have only one focus, driving your REVPAR.
Our business partner will take over the daily management of your hotel operations and strategies, and help you uncover the hidden revenue potential of your property.

To discuss working with ROOHI Hotels in the strictest confidence, please contact Rahul Verma.
Tel: +91 92233 89189 | Email: Rahul Verma