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About Us

Hotel Sales Specialist

ROOHI hotel marketing and consulting is an innovative company offering a full range of marketing services, sales representation and consulting solutions to independent standalone, privately owned and chain hotels, palaces, resorts, and destinations. 

ROOHI is the brain child of hoteliers Rahul Verma and Pallavi Verma, who have years of experience in the industry.  ROOHI is a company FOR HOTELIERS BY HOTELIERS, which is run in a responsible, professional and ethnic way.

ROOHI create opportunities for business expansion for hospitality businesses, to increase in sales from Mumbai & Pune market. We provide unique services to meet individual brand needs, create strong brand awareness and improve financial results through our consistent sales performance.
The diversified portfolio of ROOHI shall be establishing a strong, dynamic hotel network system across the country.

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To discuss working with ROOHI Hotels in the strictest confidence, please contact Rahul Verma.
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